GOP can’t get it together when it comes to black people

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for the record cnn sucks because they don’t provide an actual video player. if i wanted to see a damn link i would have written a paragraph dumbasses.


it’s 2012 bitches ….

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now that i’ve gotten that out of my system i’ll get right down to business. i’ve neglected this blog for a year. i’ve been cheating with tumblr and blogger and i make no apologies for it. it’s not normal to be a tech monogamist. i’m just saying. but i want to do this blog justice because it was my second. and it has my face on it. and i absolutely love the title because aren’t we all searching for meaning and the point of life and stuff?

well, even if you aren’t, my title is cool damnit! so i had to think of how i wanted to incorporate this blog into the fray. i have five blogs. yep, five. why? who knows. because i can? because i like to write? because they’re free? sigh. because i’m a blog bag lady. yep, probably.

but this year, not that it’s a new year’s resolution or anything, but because i just like the promise of a new year and get my stuff in order, i’m going to at least post once a week about the meaning of life. hehehe. yep, let’s drink to that. i hold the secrets you are looking for. i know why the caged bird sings. if you’re nice to me i’ll tell you. even if you aren’t nice, i’ll tell you. i’m cool like that.

where does the time go?

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it has been ages since i’ve updated my blog here. i’ve kind of been cheating on wordpress with blogger. well, not completely cheating since my two personal websites and are both wordpress based sites. but the whole blogging thing has been all blogger this year. oh and a little tumblr. i don’t post original content on tumblr. i most just reblog stuff other people post. some people use that as their main blog. i don’t. right now blogger is my main blog. but i don’t share it with anyone so that kind of defeats the purpose i guess. but i don’t want to share it so it works just fine for me.

anyway, as with each new year, i have big plans for my writing. i want to be cool and awesome and timely and regular. by march i usually fall off. so i will make no such promises here. i’ll just work on a decent editorial calendar and share the love with all my sites. probably stretching myself too thin but then again, that’s what we’re supposed to do right?

Tonight I’m Frakking You

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because this is the awesome, i’m sharing with you guys!

which female tech influencer are you?

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Female Tech Influencers
Via: Wpromote

apple fangeeks are wii fangeeks

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apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from wii. (hehehehe). according to a post on my nintendo news, apple fangirls and fanboys love them some wii.

A recent survey conducted with 3,035 iPhone/iPod/iPad users by the Npoll iOS app shows that the majority of those surveyed prefer the Nintendo Wii over Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.

Nintendo Wii is the most popular console with 51% of users telling NPolls they own this game console, followed by Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Nintendo DS.

Well, there you go son!

comic book love

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I was bored at work so i wrote this little poem about comic book love. hehehe. enjoy!

i can be the pepper potts to your tony stark,
you can call me lois lane since you’re my favorite clark.
maybe you’re my strong, black panther and i’m you’re perfect storm.
together we can be on top like bruce wayne with rachel on his arm.
if you prefer bad girls know that i’m down with either or.
i’ll be your harley quinn and you my brilliant joker.
how about i be the baroness to your wicked destro.
developing evil plots to terrorize the joes.
however you call it i’m sure we’ll have fun.
you’re definitely my 42 so say i’m you’re number one!