The secret life of the American teen

secret_life_american_teenagermy favorite new show of last year was the secret life of the american teen and can i just say how stoked i am that it returns monday night. sure, it’s typical brenda hampton sugary sweetness but i like that. i was that sugary sweet girl in high school. i didn’t break rules and i didn’t get in trouble. i was active in tons of extra curricular activities like cheerleading, debate, drama, stuco, honor society and a bunch of other crap that kept me after school for hours everyday. i wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

the thing about the show that i love is they show many different sides of high school. some times the cool kids were cool because they had a talent but they certainly weren’t secure. some times the nerds/geeks were actually the cool kids but most people didn’t care to find out. some times the good girls really were good girls and guys like them anyway. and some times the occassional good girl got pregnant because her family didn’t bother to tell her about sex. high school was overall a pretty decent place. i wouldn’t repeat it for all the money in the world but i did manage to escape unscathed. yay me.

the memories. and that’s why i look forward to the new season of the secret life of the american teen. it reminds me of the crazy days of high school, the desire to escape to college and move on with the rest of my life. but it’s fun to live vicariously through amy and grace and adrian and ricky and benjamin.


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