I think he’s a big jerky loser, but what do you think?

No jerky losers

No jerky losers

My friend works with a few guys who are very nice looking and what we would consider to be decent catches. One of them got it in his head that she was digging him and now he’s acting weird around her. Actually, he’s avoiding her now and I personally think that makes him a big jerky loser. What do you think? Should he just come talk to her and let her know why he’s avoiding her? Or pretend like nothing happened?

I don’t get the big deal. Aren’t men and women supposed to be attracted to each other? Is it a bad thing for someone to be attracted to you if you’re good looking, holding it down and doing your thing? It should be a compliment!!!! Grow a pair and grow up! If you don’t return the attraction, get it out in the open and move on!


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