10 Ultimate Components of a Geeky Eighties Childhood

Iwas reading my twitter rundown today when I came across Geek Dads latest post about the ultimate geeky eighties childhood musthaves. As an 80s kid I had to share. He’s missing cabbage patch kids and glow worms and a bunch of girlie things but what do you expect from a guy?

6. Underoos – They weren’t toys, of course, but they were such an important part of eighties geekiness that I have to mention them. What geeklet didn’t have, or at least covet, Darth Vader or Superman or Wonder Woman or Ms. Pac-Man Underoos? It never really occurred to most of us, I think, that displaying the characters we loved on our underwear was a bit silly, probably because they were just so awesome.10 Ultimate Components of a Geeky Eighties Childhood, Feb 2009

You should read the whole article.


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