Everything is better with bacon

baconI like bacon. Who doesn’t? There are whole sites devoted to this porky goodness. Today my coworker sent me a wonderful bacolicio.us widget that let’s you add bacon to any website you want. How awesome is that? I know! That’s exactly why I’m sharing it with you! Every one deserves some bacon goodness and I want to do my part to share the love!

How does it work? How can you grease your friends and their websites? Start by adding http://bacolicio.us/ to the start of every website. For example: http://bacolicio.us/thepointofitall.wordpress.com. Viola! You have greased the site. I know you can hardly contain your excitment but please try. I have a reputation to uphold people. Enjoy!

Want more bacon fun in your life? Check out the Bacolicio.us blog.


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