Ipod Touch grows up to an Iphone?

jajahtouchAccording to Darrell Etherington’s report on JAJAH, there is now a way to turn your Ipod Touch into a fabulous Ipohne. I know, you can barely contain your excitement. So, how exactly does this work?

JAJAH will allow you to not only make calls with your iPod touch, but also send and receive text messages. Of course, since the device lacks any kind of cellular antenna, you’ll have to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to use JAJAH’s phone features. You’ll also have to have an iPod headset with Mic, and you aren’t actually able to do any of this yet, because JAJAH is not currently available in the App Store. Just like the MMS solution we covered before, JAJAH is a white label service that will be offered for sale to other companies.

So, there it is out in the open. Don’t know if it will work or if it will get approved in the app store but it might be like Christmas coming really early for some of you appleheads out there.


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