This is why I’m fat … and you, too!

doublebaconhamburgerI am a huge fan of food (no pun intended) and the older I get the more I have to be conscious of what I eat. I’m not rotund by any means but I’m not the size I was in college. I’m mostly okay with that because I’m a pretty active person who frequents the gym for spin and yoga, I walk the trails around Seattle and I take ballet and hip hop and belly dance when I have the time. Oh, and I am an avid gamer who makes great use of the Wii’s interactive interface.

breakfastDespite all this activity, I find my clothes getting tighter from time to time and that dreaded back roll making a return. Of course, I know exactly what the root of my weight downfall is. I love food. Good food. Really good food. And it’s hard to stop tasting it once it I start. Living in Seattle has improved my access to fresh food and local ingredients. I can eat fresh produce and seafood whenever I want. Yet, I still choose the artery clogging food that will send me to an early grave and keep my BMI higher than it should be.

You might be like me. And if you are, may I offer some advice. Stay away from the food found at This is Why You’re Fat. Do we really need to eat deep fried green beans and twinkies and oreos? Does a burger have to be a whole pound? Did that extra five slices of cheese make the sandwich that much better? You get the point. We need to stop doing this to ourselves!!!


One Response to “This is why I’m fat … and you, too!”

  1. Ok, the two pictures associated with this particular blog had me on the toilet just by looking at them. I’m sure what ever entrée that is in the second picture (it looks like an omelette) eeeewwwww, I wonder how long it will take before that passes (looks as if someone is going to have a long week of deep knee bends and heavy breathing)….
    Is there a proctologist in the building???

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