An end to our Grey’s Anatomy torture

izzygeorgeIt has finally been leaked with some level of certainty that George and Izzy are kissing off and we get our sanity back. Thank you TV dieties. I have grown rather tired of these two characters what with their psycho friendship/improbable love affair/inferior intelligence/mental instability. It’s enough to drive a person bananas. They whine around the halls of Seattle Grace acting like the world should cater to them but they have absolutely nothing to offer in return.

I wanted to like Izzy in the beginning. She was spunky with her trash talking to Alex about being a model and graduating from med school with no debt and her secret past parenthood indescretion. But then she went and got crazy about Denny and stole a heart and then killed him and became certifiable crazy.

Then there is George who has always been a whiny punk who couldn’t stand up to his dad or his brothers. He punked out with Meredith. He punked out with Calle. He punked out with Izzy. And then he punked out with little Grey. What the hell? I can forgive him for not passing his boards and having to repeat his internship year but I can’t forgive him for being weak and still managing to have an affair. Seriously? Seriously!

I have grown rather tired of Grey’s the last two seasons for a number of reasons but the absense of these to might be enough to perk me back up. But then again, it has become mindless dribble so I’m not sure it can be redeemed.


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