Like a fine wine

I won a date with two very handsome young men after bidding in an auction fundraiser to send a missions team to the Philippines. At first I was completely depressed that the only date I have had was purchased. Then I got over it. It might not be a romantic date but it was an opportunity to expand my circle of friends.

This was definitely the first time I had ever done anything like that before and I was more than a little nervous. The truth is I have hardly dated at all. I’m a 30 year old who can count the number of dates I have had on one hand. Sad I know but I spent 15 years of my life loving one person. In the end he didn’t love me back and I ended up in my late twenties with no dating experience to speak of. So this charity date — literally — was a stretch for me. I was nervous about how to act and what to expect. Turns out my dates were great fun and I had a great time. I hope to stay in touch with them.

It is always refreshing to meet great new people but it’s also refreshing to know that despite a lack of experience I can be a great date. I look forward to God introducing me to my husband. In the mean time I plan to enjoy meeting new people and being a fabulous woman. I hear women are like a fine wine; we get better with time. Boy is my hubby going to be blessed!


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