Celesital wonders abound at night

green-comet-lulinI’ve always wanted to be a star gazer. Who doesn’t enjoy laying on a blanket and gazing at the night sky while pondering the meaning of life? But I lacked the equipment, knowledge and geography to ever really make tracking celesital wonders a true hobby. Now that I live in beautiful Seattle, I was thinking I’d never get around to fulfilling this dream. We are overcast much to often to enjoy a clear night.

For those who fair better than me, check out the green two-tailed comet streaking across the night sky today. “Although it’s hard to glimpse with the naked eye, the comet “should be a fairly easy object [to see using] modest amateur telescopes or even binoculars,” said Don Yeomans, a comet expert at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.”


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