Sometimes politicians do read our letters

jvmartinstudentA middle school student from J.V. Martin in Dillion, South Carolina, learned this lesson first hand. Sure we all complain about the state of our economy, health care and education, but Ty’Sheoma Bethea (who, unfortunately, will probably have trouble being taken serious with that name) put some action behind her discontent. She wrote a letter to bring attention to the diplorable state of her school and the prinpal sent it to all the South Carolina Representatives in Congress. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, Bethea is sitting next to the first lady for the Presidents primetime address tonight. Who said letter writing is a dead art? It is okay to complain while you are moving toward action. Take a lesson from Bethea and let your voice be heard by those who can actually do something about it. Or at the very least be held accountable for inaction!!!


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