What if we weren’t alone in the universe

earthgalaxyHumankind has always pondered the secrets of space. What life does it contain? Can we survive in the nether regions of space? Can I ever fulfill my Star Trek fantasy and travel through the final frontier? Sorry to make this about me and not humans in general but this is my blog! We love space — the fantasy of it, the mystery of it, the beauty of it and the infinite vastness of it. It is no wonder we fuel a neverending quest to discover other life forms within its recesses. What would it mean if we weren’t alone in the universe? What would the aliens actually be like? Are we talking “The Day the Earth Stood Still” or “Independence Day” craziness or is it more “K-PAX” or “ET” curiousity? Who knows, but we pay NASA billions of dollars each year to know the answer to that question.

Area 51 enthusiasts will tell you the obvious answer is there is life out there and we have had proof for some time. I’m open to the possiblility that God continuted to create after making us. Why not? He’s that creative and let’s face it, He takes pride in His work because I consider myself to be pretty fabulously made!!!! haha. But what if there really was 100 billion earthlike planets in the milky way? As my homie Moulder always says, the truth is out there. Do you believe?


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