Red lipstick makes me feel sexy

Rhiannaredlipped.jpgI read an article about wearing red lipstick and how it brings out the sexy diva in every woman. I haven’t been feeling particularly sexy lately so I decided to see if there was any truth to this article. I went to spin class with my friend and told her all about my plan. She told me to go for it so after spin class, I made my way to the MAC counter, sweaty and stinky.

The girl at the counter was very helpful when I told her about my mission and after trying five shades, I found my match. I love it. This is the first day of wearing it and I feel different — stronger, more noticeable, sexier!!!! The article was right. Not sure what it is about red lipstick that gives you a sense of owning your sexiness, but it really does work! Who knew?

Turns out tons of women have always known this little secret. And yet so few women wear lipstick on a regular basis. Sure, they might pull it out for a special occasion but I say pull it out everyday because waking up in the morning makes it a special occasion. Finding the right shade can be a tad tricky so I found these tips online to help you in your search. I hope you do decide to give the red lipstick challenge a try and go find your perfect shade of red and sexy. And feel free to send me the pictures of you in your gorgeous red. I’ll post them to this story so everyone can see how beautiful and utterly hot you look!

• Almost everyone can wear red; it’s simply a matter of finding the correct shade for your skin tone.

• Try as many different shades of red as possible – trial and error is the best way to find a perfect match. When you’re at the make-up counter, don’t be afraid to ask the assistant to help you choose 
a shade that’s right for you.

• If your outfit features red, make sure it’s the same shade as your lipstick, otherwise it will clash.

• Dab lipstick on your lips using your fingertips for a muted, softer and understated look.

• Remember: a make-up victim is as bad as a fashion victim. If you don’t feel comfortable in red lipstick, don’t wear it.

• To avoid red teeth after you have applied your lipstick, purse your lips and put your index finger in your mouth, pulling it out as you would a lollipop. Any lipstick that is on the inside of your mouth will be removed.

• Wearing red lipstick requires regular touch-ups. Keep your lipstick and a mirror in your handbag and re-apply as needed.

• During the day, keep red lips the focus of your make-up with neutral eyes and cheeks. At night, smoky eyes will add to the glamour of your red lipstick.

• For definition, outline your lips with a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick. This will also prevent your lipstick bleeding.

*These are not my words. I’m not claiming them as such. I found them online in a search but now can’t remember where I got them from! If they are yours, feel free to comment and I will promptly credit you for being so smart.


One Response to “Red lipstick makes me feel sexy”

  1. LOVE the Diva Red lipstick on you! SO fabulous…!!!

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