Lego fanboys get all businessy on us


Legos are a staple in most of our childhood memories. We made all kinds of crap with Legos from cars to parks to spaceships.There was no end to what you could create and they had a kit to fit every interest. I don’t collect Legos or anything but I do still play with them in a more virtual way. I own Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones for my Wii. Good times.

I just got wind of some more Lego awesomeness I thought I’d share with you awesome peeps. Lego employees are lucky enough to have Lego versions of themselves to hand out as business cards. How cool is that? I think it’s sweet but I’ll let you be the judge. Would you consider handing out a action figure business card at a conference or networking function? Would people think it was awesome or just laugh at you? I’m not sure what I would expect but for fanboys out there, I’m guessing they’ll choose the first answer.

Apparently if you work at LEGO, you get a miniaturized LEGO person of yourself with your contact info on the back. Then when someone asks for your business card, you hand them the figure. That is — how you say — outstanding. Never mind the gigantic bulge of LEGO figures in everyone’s pockets and the incessant noise that must fill every hallway at LEGO headquarters when people walk around, it’s the principle of the idea that makes it so wonderful.

It’d be fun to work at LEGO long enough to collect a paycheck and a sack full of mini Dougs, just so I can cross that off my list of things to do before I die.

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