Grown and sexy geek

pacman_wine_charmsI’m a total geek and I say it without shame. I have always been geeky but managed to also be popular. (That’s completely irrelevant but I had to throw it in there so you weren’t confused about me!) I love to find new heights of geekdom and my homies on engadget, gizmodo, chip chick, shiny shiny and geeksugar keep me in the know. I then try to pass it on to you so you can be in the know as well.

Lately there has been a huge move to make geekery ubber chic. We have designers bragging about their geek status with space invader dresses on the runway, designer laptops, sexy phones and any number of geeky crafts available on Etsy. Well, today I have a super grown and sexy geek fest for you courtesy of geeksugar. Pac man wine charms! I am going to make some of these this weekend just because they are totally cute! I love, love them. And who wouldn’t want Ms. Pac man to identify their glass at my next party?


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