Taste the rainbow: Skittles goes social

skittlesskittlesIt seems like everyone is getting into the twitter craze these days. After several years of flying under the radar, thousands have jumped on board — myself included. I always wanted to join but didn’t know enough people using it. Now I follow all my favorite news organizations, comedians, actors, musicians and professionals in the interactive marketing field. It’s pretty fun to get tweets from The InDecider with links to videos that make me laugh. It’s also cool to get tweets about breaking news in my neighborhood, city, state, country and around the world.

Today something crazy happened on twitter. Skittles made their home page a twitter feed. It is nothing but tweets about skittles. It was fun to tweet on skittles to try to make it onto their temporary home page. But of course it got boring after a while. The tweets are still going on but now the comments seem to be about annoyance than the cleverness of the stunt. For the record, if you click any of the links it takes you to various social media sites. Pictures goes to flickr feeds of skittles. Videos goes to Youtube commericals. Pretty clever in deed!

Social media is such a fickel business. haha. It really is hit or miss. Sometimes it is perceived as pure genius and other times it falls flat. However you take the Skittles twitter stunt, it got a lot of publicity and a lot of people talking about Skittles so I guess it achieved it’s goal. Besides, who doesn’t want to taste the rainbow?


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