Global Warming: fact or fiction?

snowmenThe debate on the validity of global warming continues to wage on in daily life. Is it real? Is it imagined? Does it matter? Should we care? Who really knows? The truth is we don’t know for sure that what is happening now is not just another weather cycle repeated every million years or half a million years or even a quarter million years. We know there were ice ages and then warming and then ice ages and more warming. Maybe we are moving heavily into the warming period before the next ice age. But really, it doesn’t matter. Global warming not being real is no excuse to continue abusing the planet. Go green! It’s okay. Treehuggers anonymous has a place for you.

Really, we should take better care of our planet because it’s just good sense. I of course believe that God created the world for us to enjoy but also for us to take care for everyday. Genesis pretty much lays that out for us. As much as I would love to, I can’t ask the polar bear how he really feels about his coming demise. I’m no where near crazy like the Grizzly Man. I will maintain my distance. But, I can ask the angry protestors who showed up to stand against global warming. Hey snowmen, what do you think? Global warming: fact or ficition?


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