T.O., we hardly knew you

toIt has happened again. Terrell Owens was given the boot when he was released from the Dallas Cowboys yesterday. Everyone seems to be up in arms but I don’t know why. What did they expect? T.O. is a pain in the donkey and everyone knows it. It is a problem of his own creation. Sure, he performs on the field and you can overlook his behavior and attitude for a while to win games. In the end, bumping heads is exhausting and his putrid attitude eats at the core of team cohesiveness.  I liked the article on Fox Sports today that addressed the dismissal. T.O. will be snatched up. He’s a good ball player. I just wish he would get his act together and be a good person. Is that too much to ask?

It might take a minute, but I fully expect some NFL team to entice T.O. off the stripper pole with a three-carat, princess-cut diamond by July.

It’s what men do. Despite the warnings from Bell Biv Devoe, we’re always willing to trust a big butt and a smile. A pair of double-Ds that hang just right always trumps common sense.

Read the rest of the story “Don’t worry, T.O. will find another sucker” at Fox Sports on MSN.


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