We’re looking for ET baby

artkeplerfullnasaAre we alone in the universe? Who knows? But now NASA wants to find out. They are launching a mission to find ET.

Calling it a mission that may fundamentally change humanity’s view of itself, NASA on Friday prepared to launch a telescope that will search our corner of the Milky Way galaxy for Earth-like planets.

I for one am thrilled to see NASA searching for the truth. But isn’t it a little contradictory for tax payers to be funding missions to find Martians while the government continues to deny the existence of Area 51? You’ve seen Independence Day. Of course Area 51 is real because it was in the movie! haha. (Just kidding folks.) I am curious about the mission and hope to follow it. I’m not sure how cool it would be to mess with badass Martians, or other little green men with big eyes and heads and tiny bodies, but I can’t help but excited about the possibility.

I don’t think we’re alone in the vastness of space but I don’t want to think about the possibility that our neighbors could be hostile. Could we take them down with water ala Signs? What about with a computer virus ala Independence Day? Or how about with gigantic lazer blasters ala Men in Black? I guess we are closer to finding out!


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