Economy goes cliff diving

warren_buffett_new03When Warren Buffet speaks most people lend him their ear. It’s very Shakespearian actually. “Hey countrymen, let me have your ear.” Today, Mr. Buffet has annouced that our economy has gone cliff diving in tandem with most of my life savings. I know, you were completely unaware that the economy was in a free fall. The tumbling stock market, the disappearnce of your 401k and the abundance of forclosure signs in your neighborhood and across the city didn’t give it away. It took the genius of Mr. Buffet to let us all know what exactly was going on with brother economy. Now that he has cleared it up for us we can breath again.

His exact words:

OMAHA, Neb. – Billionaire Warren Buffett said unemployment will likely climb a lot higher depending upon how effective the nation’s policies are, but he remains optimistic over the long term.

Buffett said the nation’s leaders need to support President Barack Obama‘s efforts to repair the economy because fear is dominating Americans’ behavior and the economy has basically followed the worst-case scenario he envisioned.

“It’s fallen off a cliff,” Buffett said Monday during a live appearance on cable network CNBC. “Not only has the economy slowed down a lot, but people have really changed their habits like I haven’t seen.”

If you’re curious to learn what else this great economic oracle said, check out the story here.


One Response to “Economy goes cliff diving”

  1. I have the feeling that in these difficult times no one really knows what to do. What is said in the article is obvious, and even a person who doesn’t have a lot to do with business, could have been able to tell that the economy is in a downturn. Instead of only saying what should be done, America needs someone who tells how it should be done. CEO Magazine published an interview with the economic oracle, Med Yones, who predicted the current economic crisis in 2007. The interview gives a comprehensive overlook of the economic crisis, such as causes, health of the U.S. economy, impact of Obama’s policies on the economy and solutions to get out of the crisis. According to the interview “the most effective and quickest method to rescue the economy is job creation through investing in the creation of U.S. small businesses and innovation development.” This will create sustainable jobs, support the middle class and increase the U.S. business competitiveness through innovation development. For more detailed information see

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