Iphone needs to bring it’s A game next go round

curtousy of Wired.com

courtesy of Wired.com

I have an Iphone and I’m a huge fan of my lovely, shiny phone. But it has lots of limitations. I am constantly mocked by the inability to send photos in text message. Or the lack of flash on my camera. Or the lack of a video recorder. The list goes on and on. Tomorrow, Apple will be making some big announcement about the new Iphone operating system and I hope other features to improve the greatest smartphone ever conceived. It has a lot of rivals now because it was a great addition to the market. Now, it’s time for Apple to get off it’s laurels and give us the features we deserve! It’s not fast enough for most games which makes it’s replacement of my Nintendo DS Lite improbable. I want to snap and send better pictures at all times of day! I don’t want to have to log into a ATT website that doesn’t work all the time to view little images that my family have sent me. And the lack of cut and paste for that specific function is ridiculous! I’m not one to join the Iphone bashing as I’m a true fan but some things just have to be said. I hope Apple listened and brings their A game tomorrow!


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