Iphone 3.0 brings Iphone up to speed with competition

iphone30softwareAfter this morning’s announcements about the Iphone 3.0 upgrade, I am too excited. Of course, having to wait until June to take advantage sucks, but it looks like it will all be worth it. What are we getting in the update, you ask?

  • Copy/Paste: Finally! You’ll be able to double-tap text to get the option of cutting, copying, and pasting (which also applies to images).
  • Multimedia messaging (MMS): You’ll be able to text and receive texts with images and sound (also, finally).
  • Landscape Messaging: You can use the keyboard in landscape mode for the eMail and Notes apps.
  • Spotlight: One of my favorite features of Macs, the iPhone will have Spotlight for you to search all the information stored on your iPhone.

The thought of being able to send pictures and receive pictures in my text messages has me shouting for joy. Never mind that it should have been there from the start. Anyway, I’m stoked and can’t wait to download up update.


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