RIAA cases are a scam

riaa-logo-altStarting my day off right by reading the news posted in Twitter when I came across something that makes me want to go on a shin-kicking spree at the RIAA office. Here’s the deal:

A middle-aged New Hampshire woman is baffled to be accused of downloading songs like “Jigga My Nigga” using BearShare, and she ignored a host of court papers because she thought they were some kind of scam. That decision nearly cost her a massive amount of money.

I can see it now. This woman is riding down the street in her caddy so she can be stuntin like her daddy, all the while bumping her downloaded Jigga my Nigga. Seriously? These cases are a scam and RIAA should die a slow, tortured death just like the music industry they corrupted is doing!

Thankfully, this woman did decide to fight back.

The labels eventually moved to skip the damages hearing altogether (since Roy had not yet shown up in court) and have the judge make a decision without a hearing, but Roy did file an objection of her own in plain language. In four sentences, she objects to the cancellation, says that she didn’t download any music, and “will appear in court. I know they [the labels] do not have proof of anything and that is why they are trying to push it through without a hearing.”

I hope everything works out for her because these cases have proven over and over to be eggrecious abuses of power. I can’t wait for the eventual fall of the music industry and the return of the independent artist on the grind making good, authentic music without the hype and hoopla and fabricated “look” of a mega star.


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