Dora the Explorer is now an elementary school slut?

new_look_dora_lg1By now you have heard that Dora the Explorer, the loveable and inquisitive chica who has children everywhere speaking Spanish, got a makeover. But what exactly was she made over into? According to many parents out there, the new Dora is nothing more than a cheap knock-off of the equally popular and villianized Bratz dolls.

I’m not a fan of Barbie or the Bratz for a number of reasons. Barbie was never authentically designed for brown girls like me even though she stole my body type, and the bratz dollz, which make a goal of being diverse appear to be nothing more than teen prostitutes masquarading as roll models. Harsh? Not hardly. Have you seen those dolls? Lowrise jeans, bare middriffs and tons of makeup. We all know girls are always in a hurry to grow up and Bratz dolls cater to that frenzy. Now it looks like wholesome Dora will too!

New Dora Still Explorer, Says Mattel
The new, more mature Dora the Explorer doll is no fashion and boy-loving Barbie replica, says Mattel. According to the toy giant, Dora’s “Explorer Girls” will be just as adventurous and bilingual as toddler Dora, but is just trading the jungle locale for school in a big city.

The Web site that interacts with the $60 USB doll will attempt to keep essence of Dora the adventurer. However, now she’ll be exploring community service, beach clean-ups, and even mysteries.

The doll is designed for girls 5-8 years old, the age group graduating from preschool and looking for a school-smart and “age appropriate” doll as a role model. Despite her paragons of community service, by next Halloween we should know if purple tights and flower tunics are the latest Dora-inspired hit.

You decide!



One Response to “Dora the Explorer is now an elementary school slut?”

  1. I love dora makeover

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