Dirty gamer? Clean her up!


Orbitz has the cheesiest commercials with the dirty mouth, clean it up slogan. But I like it. And I like these awesome soaps designed like console controllers made by Digital Soap and sold on Etsy.

Welcome everyone to DigitalSoaps, the creator of NES, PlayStation, Xbox and other electronics soaps!
Fight viruses and malicious spyware with my super duper soaps. I specialize in the manufacture of PCs – Personal Cleansers – in unique geeky shapes.

I’ve been obsessed with finding quality, great ingredient soaps. I found a high quality source of soap base and have now combined two interests: A love of all things geeky and a love of being clean. The soap bases I use are natural – No animal products, animal testing, detergents, sulfates or sugar solutions.

You can build a custom bar of soap at www.digitalsoaps.net!

Shipping is just $3 U.S., $3.80 to Canada and $8.50 everywhere else. Shipping is discounted for additional items.

I am excited to report my soaps are featured now on Forbes.com and in Germany’s gaming magazine, GEE!


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