Virtual alcoholics are all the rage

beercansimTechnology never ceases to amaze me. We have managed to do some pretty cool things through technical advances. Some things, however, should never happen. Case in point: virtual beer. You can now pretend to be a drunk thanks to the creative guys at Bandai.

Here’s what Switched is reporting:

Bandai, the company that makes Tamagotchi and Power Ranger toys, is targeting a slightly more mature audience (we hope) with its newest novelty item: a beer can simulator. The $9 toy is a plastic recreation of the top of a beer can, complete with a pop top that plays an electronic sound simulating the opening of a beer can every time you pull it. Every 30 times you pull the tab, it plays what we’re told is “a special sound” as a “reward” — your guess is as good as ours. Also, how much does simulated alcoholism deserve to be rewarded.

We’re not sure what the appeal of virtual drinking is, but between the success of iBeer and the Wii beer pong game, it seems like the beginning of a trend.


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