Love letter to self takes over Fatbellybella’s tweets

6012_770540I follow Erykah Badu, @fatbellybella, on Twitter because I love her and thought it was cool that she tweeted her labor. Honestly, it was a little freaky, but it was cool too. She is known for tweeting random weirdness about music and drugs and the kids. They are pretty entertaining. Today, she tweeted the first line in a love letter she was writing to herself and asked us to send our first lines. The response was awesome and so were the letters! I though I would share with you!

  1. Icon_lockRT: ruby81272@fatbellybella dear self, you came a long way from abandoned bldgs and jails

  2. Icon_lockRT: kcaloveschitown@fatbellybella Dear Self, “for you a thousand times over”.

  3. Icon_lockRT: Jimmy_Mikey@fatbellybella Dear James, You’re amazing! … NOW ACT LIKE IT

  4. Icon_lockRT: ohshooter@fatbellybella: dear self, you are not misunderstood – you just get lost in translation from time to time.

  5. Icon_lockRT: NewerDeal@fatbellybella Dear self, if you want to keep working here stay off the drugs.

  6. Icon_lockRT: shermicusseaux@fatbellybella Dear Mimi, I glad you are taking the time to do something for yourself.

  7. Icon_lockRT: AnaLovesMusic@fatbellybella Dear Ana, those aren’t scars, those are road maps to your fuller existance.

  8. Icon_lockRT: nicoleham@fatbellybella Dear Self, You are smarter than you realize.

  9. Icon_lockRT: mzlindsey@fatbellybella dear self staring at da refrigerator is not goin to make anything appear in it

  10. Icon_lockRT: TheProto@fatbellybella Dearest Nicole, We made it!

  11. Icon_lockRT: seeingsound@fatbellybella Dear James, You are everything God intended you to be.

  12. Icon_lockRT: Vmaxlove@fatbellybella Dear Love, Your life is an occasion. Rise to it
  13. Icon_lockRT: nharlem@fatbellybella Dear Self, for better or for worse, I got your back like bra straps. No vows necessary.

  14. Icon_lockRT : bayougurl@fatb Dear Self its time 2 let go of past hurts so you can move on to ur beautiful future ,ur smile is better than those tears

  15. Icon_lockRT: True_Sanctuary@fatbellybella Dear self: you can’t be afraid of being alone, love yourself first before anyone can love you.

One Response to “Love letter to self takes over Fatbellybella’s tweets”

  1. itoodreamincolorandrhyme Says:

    Wow I love this..and I appreciate you posting my comment [the second one]….it means alot and I was honored for her to repost it

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