It’s now safe to go back in the water

liquidimage_maskJaws freaked me out. I know I’m not alone but I just had to put that out there. I love the water but not knowing what’s swimming beneath me just freaks me out. Now, I can go in the water with new confidence because there is now a liquid image underwater mask to help you see underwater and capture images of what you see.

This is very important for my upcoming (as in the next 5 years) Loch Ness monster sighting quest. Here are the specs:

Image Resolution – 3.1 MP CMOS Sensor
Internal Memory – 16 MB NAND Flash Memory
External Memory Card – Micro SD Card
Video Mode – 18-25 FPS @ VGA
Status Display – LCD Display
Interface – USB
Power – 2 AAA 1.5 V Batteries (Alkaline, Lithium or NiMH)
Photographic Distance – 0.5 m to infinity
Auto Off System time – 120 seconds

This mask can be used down to 5 meters, and it allows you to take 3 Megapixel photos as well as VGA videos. The camera has a built in memory of 16 MB that can be expanded up to 2 GB with a microSD

slot, thus guaranteeing about 1.5 hours of AVI video.


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