Designer flip minos now available!

courtesy of Gear Diary

courtesy of Gear Diary

I grabbed up a flip mino before heading to the inauguration of President Barack Obama. What fun I had making videos and documenting my time in D.C. Since I needed it ASAP I couldn’t customize it. How sad. I ended up with a plain orange and white camera when I really wanted some cool design. Now there are options for those who need to get their flip mino quickly but want more than the standard run of the mill selection. Check it out!

Customizable Flip Minos have been available for a while now, but if you want one that’s been professionally designed, Amazon and CafePress have just introduced several new designs by ‘talented artists and well-known designers’.

Through April 19, you’ll get two free accessories of your choice with the purchase of a MinoHD, and one free accessory with the normal Mino. Unfortunately, the range of eligible accessories isn’t vast – several cases, a tripod and a set of USB cables – but for a basic camcorder like the Mino, those are pretty much all the accessories you’ll need.

Too bad I can’t send mine back and have a do over on my order!


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