Youtube busts in on Hulu’s territory

courtesy of Geeksugar

courtesy of Geeksugar

Hulu is my friend. I watch tons of shows on Hulu at work when I don’t want to listen to music. Now Youtube wants to steal me away by finally offering full-length television shows. All I have to say to Youtube is “it’s about time!” I used to be able to find anything and everything on Youtube, and then they caved to the copyright pressure and put a ten minute limit on all videos. So stupid. Not only did this stifle the likes of independent film makers looking to reach a broader audience, but it created the way for Joost and Hulu to take over. Now Youtube has seen the light and they want us to come along for the ride. I’ll probably stick with Hulu but I figured I should let you know! Geeksugar has the story.

Hulu isn’t gonna know what hit them now that YouTube has launched a new television show section on its website, which includes categories like family, sports, comedy, romance, and even movies! What’s great is that there’s already a wide selection of shows, including classics like Alf, MacGyver, and 90210 — I know, ALF! Word has it that YouTube has signed agreements to distribute content from Sony, Lions Gate, CBS, MGM, and more, so hopefully the selection of shows keeps growing.


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