Disney beds Hulu

courtesy of Gizmodo

courtesy of Gizmodo

I love tons of ABC shows but I hate watching them online with their super wack player. It freezes all the time but mostly it just never boots up. It’s beyond annoying, especially when you can always watch the stupid commericials even when the actual show won’t play. Ugh!!!!! Now there is a remedy. Gizmodo has reported that Disney and Hulu are now a match made in online television viewing heaven. wOOt!

Disney has finally, officially joined Hulu as equity partner, meaning you’ll be able to watch ABC shows like Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, The View and lots more. Movies are part of the package too.

Now is clearly Hulu‘s time: It just became the third most-watched video site in the world a few days ago, and three of the four major broadcast networks stream their biggest shows (except, oddly, the reality programs) on Hulu. All that’s missing is CBS.

The deal includes shows from ABC, ABC Family, ABC Daytime, SOAPNet, Disney Channel and “popular library titles from The Walt Disney Studios.”


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