Twitter: start revolutions and feed the masses

Twitter has been the media darling of social networks for some time now. With it’s ability to quickly report things as they happen to a wide group of people with images and links and even video, it’s no wonder that spart people would see it for it’s possibilities.

I still laugh when people tell me they don’t understand twitter or don’t get the purpose of it. That’s great news to me because I would rather keep it pure. I dread the day it becomes the waterdown mess of myspace or facebook. Sadly, the rash of celebrity tweeters is pusing us in that direction. But for all the signs pointing to its downfall, twitter seems to find new ways to shine. As with the recent Iranian election protests. Not only was twitter used to organize the revolution that would not be televised thanks to the oppresive Iranian govenrment. But it also spawned a US show of solidarity with the green overlay avatars popping up all over the place. I proudly turned my dancing black girl avatar green in support of all the women who struggle for their voice to be heard in a country that prefer women didn’t exist at all from all accounts.

Check out the videos of twitter organization here!

In addition to organizing revolutions, twitter has been used to feed the hungry masses across L.A. I know, it’s not life altering in its importance but for the Kogi company, twitter has turned out to be a godsend. You can check out their video here!


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