Michael Jackson 1958-2009

How can I even begin to describe what Michael Jackson meant to my childhood? I grew up in the 80s and it was all about thriller and the white glove and moonwalking and jeri curls! I, like many children growing up in the 80s, wanted to be Michael Jackson. The man was a musical genius and amazing artist and awesome performer.

My very first concert was Michael Jackson Bad! I was in 3rd grade and my mom took me and my big brother on a Wednesday night to see it at Kemper Arena. I was the happiest kid in the world. I still remember watching Thriller from under the bed because I was too scared to come out but I had to see it. I also remember the premieres of Beat it, Bad, Remember the Time, Smooth Criminal and Dangerous. And Super Bowl half time in the early 90s!!!

This man changed music and I can’t believe we have lost him. He was poised to make a great comeback with his sold-out 50 concert tour in London that I would have given my right and left arm to attend. My heart truly aches right now and I just wanted to pay tribute to one of the greatest muscians to ever walk the face of this earth.

Here is my pictoral tribute to the man who shaped my childhood! And be sure to check out all the videos on Youtube here!


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