Comic Con day 2: madness continues

I came, I saw, I conquered. Day 2 of Comic Con was successful. I saw the 24 panel, Bones panel, Dollhouse panel, Joss Whedon panel and Tv Guide panel with Zack L., Jim P., John C., Rebecca R., Scott W., Johnny G. and Allison D. All and all it was a good day. But being holed up in Ballroom 20 for five hours meant missing out on some other really cool things. That is the downfall of Comic Con. You can’t do it all. Unless you clone yourself about 10 times. It’s a thought! And with Joss Whedon’s missing episode of Dollhouse, a definite possibility!

Since I missed out on so much I had to do like you and check out the videos on Youtube. I have posted some of my favorite “Couldn’t Sees.”


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