One disgruntled AT&T user to another

Dear AT&T,

You’ve been making some neat moves lately. The new Visual Voicemail for BlackBerry… NICE. Working with Sony on a eReader with integrated connectivity… well-played. And reports that you are finally expanding your service so you actually live up to your ads… About frigging time.

And what you have been doing for iPhone users… just awesome.

Oh no, wait a sec. That’s just wrong. You continue to treat iPhone users like 2nd class citizens. How so? You ask… BB owners can use applications like Slingbox and Truphone over 3G but iPhone users? Nope. And even though the app got updated to use 3G, Qik can’t stream on the iPhone the way it does from a Blackberry. No doubt you are behind THAT one too. Nice. And although they have to pay through the nose, every other smartphone offers some kind of tethering plan. iPhone users… nope. Oh but you have done some things… like trying to change the Terms of Service on our contracts, then recanting then trying to again. Between you and Apple I’m not really sure who is worse these days.

And while we’re talking do me a favor and check the date. My calendar tells me it is August 25. Does yours say that as well? It is the 25th right? Thought so. Well that means September is almost here and with it the end of summer. And that’s really the impetus of this love-letter.

When the iPhone 3GS was announced it was a big deal that it included MMS and tethering.

iPhone 3GS

See this picture??? See who is missing?? Yeah that would be YOU!

Other wireless networks were able to support the services but not you. What’s with that?

To your credit you said, “Don’t worry, it will take a little time but it is coming.” Heck, you promised MMS by “later summer” and said that tether would be offered but the pricing would be coming soon.

Well, it is the end of August. That pretty well equates to later summer in my world. So where’s the MMS? Where’s the tethering plan?

Enough adding services to the Blackberry. Enough new deals with Sony to put more stress on your already stinky network (although at that price there aren’t going to be all that many readers on your network I suspect.) How about you stop that stuff, take a minute and actually add in the features you promised???

What do you say.


An iPhone User Who Wishes the iPhone Was Available On Another Network

**This post reprinted from Gear Diary.** Be sure to check it out.


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