A nerd’s way of saying kiss off

Joanna Burgess, and awesome writer at Nerdabout, put together this great post of nerd blow-offs. I realize that our superior intellect makes it hard to understand what we’re saying when we tell you that we don’t want to be bothered, but hopefully this list will tell you when you are indeed getting the kiss-off.

A good PvPer knows you have to be two steps ahead of the masses. The same holds true for social situations. “Sorry I can’t. It’s patch day and I have to re-spec my druid.” has been a favorite, mid-week defense of mine. As I believe it prudent to be prepared at all times, for all uncomfortable moments, be it at the bar or library, I called on the good people of Twitter and Facebook to help me round out my Top 10 Nerdy Blow Offs list and as usual our geeky fans did not disappoint.

via FB by Bryan Green: “I’m sorry, but I need to recompile my Kernel.”

via twitter @mspixieriot: “Sorry, I promised my boyfriend I’d cheese his new alt through Gnomer.”

via twitter @birdchick: “Not tonight, I have to swab some cloacas.”

via FB Drew Kiser: “I can’t, I have a raid.”

via FB Diane Firstman: “Sorry … ESPN is re-broadcasting the 2007 National School Scrabble championships.”

via twitter: @alex_howansky: “Sorry, I just got a new TV and I have to re-watch the Lord of the Rings extended version trilogy at 1080p.”

via twitter: @ngaulin: “Sorry I want to but I’m repainting my elvin raiders. We’re going blue in honor of the death of Quigar.”

via twitter @jhoyum: “My flux capacitor is broken and I am stuck in the past.”

via twitter @UncleJohn97420: “I would love to do that, but my system is having a cascade failure due to a corrupted .exe file.”

via FB Austen Onek: “Sorry… lifted index is at -8 and there’s storm clouds a’brewin’!”

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