Web design for dummies

banner_website_designI am no dummy when it comes to web design. I make no claims at being a stellar web designer, but I know my way around a text editor or WYSIWYG. Lately, I have wanted to step up my web design game and have begun learning to program. Yes, I thought it would be awesome to spend my weekends learning to program. I’m starting with Python and plan to learn others from there. I I’ve only written about 20 programs so far, including the obligatory hello world program.  actually have a drupal bootcamp in a few weeks!

In the meantime, I am attending weekly webinars from Seattle-based Creative Techs on the joys of Dreamweaver. It’s funny that I’m studying Dreamweaver when I have to use Microsoft’s Expressions Web for work. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter. All WYSIWYGs are created equal in my book. When I finish all my web design relearning, I plan to redo my freelance website, www.copywritingace.com, and get back into the freelance business.

I’m a web marketing genius (my words) and believe I can definitely help the many struggling small businesses out there. I would also like to start speaking at conferences and meetings about the joys of life as web marketer or web designer. There is so much to share.

I guess I’ll have to revamp my blog as well. I have a professional blog on my website, but I’m not actually blogging on there. I need to get it together, huh?


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