Supermaw revisits childhood film magic

It goes without saying that I love films. How could you not? The magical transportation to another world – past, present, future or mystical – is like a free pass to check out of your life for a few hours. There is no shortage of craptastic movies out there but Supermaw created a list of some childhood favorites that bring squeals of delight to me even now. I’m posting a snippet from her blog and hope you check out the rest over at!

As a child of the late 70’s /early 80’s movies played a huge part in my life and there are certain films from that era that I will always remember. These movies were my first taste of film fantasy, and no doubt shaped my tastes and continue to influence them to this day. It’s impossible to think back on those formative years without remembering these films, so I have decided to share the most memorable films from my childhood with you, my lucky readers.


If you were a child of the 80’s you will no doubt have been charmed by the adorable Mogwai then amused by it’s violently crazed Gremlin spawn. An enjoyable re-watch, not least for the strange story of the Dad who died in a chimney pretending to be Santa, which I somehow didn’t notice in my youth.

Bizarrely violent and ridiculously quirky, Gremlins is a brilliant feel good Christmas movie for those who like their comedy dark and their gremlins running wild.


The Goonies

This adventure movie has it all. A group of kids on a mission to save their homes from the obligatory money grabbing bad guys, an old pirate legend, a treasure map and some comedy crooks for good measure.

In the days before becoming a gay hobbit Sean Astin led this unlikely group of kids on an adventure to find One Eyed Willie’s treasure, getting into many amusing scrapes along the way and of course learning some valuable life lessons and more importantly finding a boatload of treasure.


Read the rest here ….


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