Video games and cheat codes are best friends

Video GamesAfter boring myself to tears watching that wack Nintendo Week show on the Nintendo channel, I decided to cheer myself up by playing a little DDR. The plan was to play for about an hour and then watch tv. I ended up playing for 2 hours and got totally pissed that even though I kept improving my score on this stupid song I’ve never even heard before, I couldn’t beat the challenger. I think I redid that stupid song like 10 times before finally ceding defeat and switching to beginner just to get passed the level. Yes, playing on beginner is cheating but video games are all about cheating!

Don’t we all go online when we bring home a new game to find out the cheats? There is no way I would ever play GTA without cheat codes to stay alive, avoid the police or improve my weapons cache. And I know I’m not alone. The many books and magazines for cheat codes suggests otherwise. This got me thinking. Why do hardcore gamers make fun of nongamers for not being able to beat a level or defeat a boss or know all the secrets? Aren’t they mostly successful because they make use of cheat codes?

Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself a gamer despite not owning an xbox 360 or PS3, (I know, you just rolled your eyes and shook your head.), but I enjoy interacting with newbs and lifers when I game. I talk trash but don’t make the newbs feel bad for not knowing key combinations or that the zombie will jump out on the right as soon as they walk through that door up ahead. I just want to have fun and get more people to enjoy the gaming experience. Is that so wrong? After all, with a little practice and trusty cheat codes, they could be on my level in no time!


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