Most popular game right now is FarmVille?

FarmVilleIf you have a Facebook page, as millions of you do, you have no doubt seen the regular goings-on of a little place called FarmVille. It is a casual online game that let’s you play farmer  and tend to a zen-tastic farm of your making. It’s basically Old Mac Donald mets Sim City to sum it up, and people are crazy about it. Apparently, some 56 million people are getting all “farmer and the dale” on us and logging hours of FarmVille game play.

I have to admit that I don’t get it. I’m always annoyed when I log on Facebook and have to sift through tens of updates from my friends and family who are playing FarmVille every waking minute of their day. I don’t really care that you increased your crop yield or raised a family of pigs or whatever it is you do in FarmVille. I’d rather be playing a console game or at least a something a little more exciting than the daily life of a farmer.

Having been born and raised in Missouri and  gone to school in Iowa, I’ve seen my fair share of farms. There is nothing glamorous about them. They are huge money and time sucks. Maybe that is the fun players find in the game. They get to live out some strange fantasy without the cost or hard work. I guess that is what all games are about. But i still don’t get why 56 million people are making FarmVille one of the most popular games out today. Someone, please enlighten me!


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