One Day’s Wages launches today!

odw_logo_black_mediumToday is October 20 and we’re excited to finally launch the movement of One Day’s Wages.

As we “celebrate” the birth of ODW, we’d love to hear from you. Can you take a few minutes to surf through the site, share your impressions of the website, report any bugs [if you do, we need to hear which browser you use], etc.

Here are 4 simple ways you can help:
1. Check out the site and create an account. Take 5 minutes to create a profile and make sure you upload a profile pic.
2. Make a donation. Calculate your day’s wages on the website or make another donation. You can choose to invest in one of the organizations/projects highlighted on the website. 100% of your donations (minus transaction costs) go directly to these projects.
3. Be a FAN on Facebook.
4. Spread the word. Use the tools on our website (like Twitter) to spread the movement with your friends and network.

Thanks for partnering with us and look forward to hearing from you.

– The ODW Team


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