NaNoWriMo runs my life

I have been talking about completing my novel for several years now. I keep starting and stoping and making excuses for why I can’t get it done. The reason is actually laziness because there is no other way to explain why a trained journalist and literary geek can’t finish a book.

Sure I’m a little terrifiied of the rejection but I’ve dealt with rejection my entire life! I’m black, dark skinned, female, geeky, smart and totally the center of all kinds of jokes in school. Whatever, I can handle the rejecton. So that means I haven’t completed my first novel because I’m lazy. This year I decided to join the thousands of other Americans who share my laziness and participate in the National Novel Writing Month with Check them out.

Now my days revolve around stressing over these characters, word counts, plot points and the fear of falling behind. Let me tell you, I’m already behind after my laptop crapped out on me and I was not able to keep up on my iPhone. It was a sad site trust me. But my new laptop will arrive this week and I hope to get back on track. I did pretty good this weekend making up for missed days last week. But I’m still 3000 words behind. Here’s to hoping I can catch up with a few marathon writing sessions over the weekend. My week nights are too busy to handle that kind of thing.


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