Wear your geek love on your sneakers

geeky sneakersUs geeks like to sport our geekiness with pride. We wear clever tees that illustrate how much smarter we are than the average joe or josie. We speak our own language to appear elite. We even have our own clubs where we get together and talk about how awesome we are. It’s only fitting that we would have our own shoes!

Thanks to my girls at GamingAngels, I was hipped to these awesome geek sneakers that totally pwn my heart!

Geek wear is quickly becoming popular as being a geek becomes more mainstream. Sneakers are already almost a specific collector’s item much like vinyls or games. DigitallyBlonde.com has found a huge find where sneakers and geek are combined.

Daniel Reese has created BrassMonki.wordpress.com, where he showcases various sneakers that he’s created and they are nothing less than awesome. On his blog he talks about how he makes the sneaks on Nikes.


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