Buying a house in Seattle is a lesson in disappointment!

I want to buy a house. An actual house. Not a condo, apartment masquerading as a condo or a townhouse. I want to buy a house with a front and backyard for my gardens and summer cookouts and birthday parties. I want to have enough rooms to have a home office and guest room for the many out of town guests who promise to visit me on a regular basis. I want a big bay window that lets in tons of light and a driveway because parallel parking is not my thing! But I live in Seattle and I’m single and the market is not tipped in my favor.

I was reading an article on MSN today titled, “How much house will $200k buy?” Seattle made the list and let’s just say, the option is exactly why buying a house in Seattle is a lesson in disappointment!

How much house will $200,000 buy?


  • 1 bedroom, 1 bath
  • Year built: 1926
  • Price: $200,000

This is a top-floor apartment in The Marquis Co-op. It’s less than a mile from downtown Seattle. Many residents in this neighborhood walk to work downtown when the weather is nice, and numerous and frequent buses stop a block away. The Marquis is in the heart of Capitol Hill, close to downtown and a quick walk to the restaurants, shops and other amenities that make Capitol Hill attractive to buyers. The unit offers approximately 651 square feet of living space and has hardwood floors and a garbage disposal.

“Seattle has definitely been affected by the economic downturn, but we have weathered the storm better than most cities. This particular co-op apartment would have sold for 10 to 12% more at the peak of the market,” says listing agent John Blacksmith.


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