My Boyfriend’s Back – too much or just a dance?

I love dance. It’s my second great passion. Writing is obviously the first and technology is a close third. These passions of course are outside the standard top three of family , God and serving humanity. But I digress. I am writing this post today because I saw a dance routine performed by 7 year old little girls that made me blush on more than one occasion. Considering I’m a beautiful deep chocolate brown, you can imagine how shocking it had to be!

These girls are dancing to My Boyfriend’s Back and while the routine is definitely amazing, it is so inapporpriate for girls this age. I am not a fan of sexing up children of any age but I could excuse it for teen girls who not only have the skill to execute it better but the necessary age range to handle the ramifications of shaking their asses for the world to see. I watch this video and hang my head because this is the kind of bullshiggidy that feeds the sick minds of pedophiles and child abusers! This is not okay with me. But I’ll let you be the judge. What do you think?


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