The New Dork

Yes, this video melted my heart. And why shouldn’t it? It only highlights how us geeks have gone from being social outcasts and the ridicule of mainstream cool kids to being the hottest ticket around. For the record, I rather like that my geeky nature meant I was on the fringes of society. But how much of an outcast can I be when I was the head cheerleader? To be honest, the kids still called me a nerd to my face and behind my back. They just happened to all know who I was. haha. Now things have changed. And like I told my classmates then, you better be careful how you talk to me because you might need a job from me one day! Everyone knows geeks are the ones who run the world. Now they see it in real life. So, let’s all sit back and rock out to this lovely video, New Dork!


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