The Losers looks hot!

I didn’t know the story behind the latest comic book-turned movie but the movie posters pulled me in. I was at the theater to see Alice in Wonderland and my guy pointed out the poster. Talk about hotness. Plus it has my favorite new badass chick Zoe Saldana as a lead and let’s face it, that girl is super hot and I have a huge girl crush on her. (To be clear, I’ve been a fan since Center Stage as I’m also a dancer and overall badass!)

So what is the Losers about? Well, Thankfully SciFi Wire had the skinny and so I pass on their wisdom.

The Losers is based on a comic by DC’s Vertigo, the story of an elite Special Forces team targeted as part of an evil plan by one-named villain Max (Jason Patric). Betrayed and thought dead, the ragtag group of colorful characters teams up with a rogue operative named Aisha (Saldana) and sets out to enact their revenge.

Dope huh? I am posting the promo pics of the comic book covers here to share the love with you!


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