invasion of the body snatchers

the last few months have been flat out weird for me. i broke my foot playing kickball, i traveled to paris with my 16 year old niece with my foot in an air cast, and i have felt a little less than my normal self the last few weeks. i don’t quite know how to describe it other than to say i feel like my body has been invaded by alien beings who are hell bent on taking over!

i know that sounds extreme but trust me it’s the truth. i’ve never been so accident prone in my life and since moving to seattle i’ve managed to break two bones, catch the swine flu, get infected by e.coli and battle cold after virus after sinus infection after cold. what gives? why have those pesky little alien beings known as bacteria and viruses decided to make me their target? i have no idea. but i’m so over feeling weird. i want my regular, healthy, injury-free body back. ASAP!



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