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GOP can’t get it together when it comes to black people

Posted in It Had To Be Said, Politicking on January 9, 2012 by Nourisha

for the record cnn sucks because they don’t provide an actual video player. if i wanted to see a damn link i would have written a paragraph dumbasses.


it’s 2012 bitches ….

Posted in Live Your Life on January 2, 2012 by Nourisha

now that i’ve gotten that out of my system i’ll get right down to business. i’ve neglected this blog for a year. i’ve been cheating with tumblr and blogger and i make no apologies for it. it’s not normal to be a tech monogamist. i’m just saying. but i want to do this blog justice because it was my second. and it has my face on it. and i absolutely love the title because aren’t we all searching for meaning and the point of life and stuff?

well, even if you aren’t, my title is cool damnit! so i had to think of how i wanted to incorporate this blog into the fray. i have five blogs. yep, five. why? who knows. because i can? because i like to write? because they’re free? sigh. because i’m a blog bag lady. yep, probably.

but this year, not that it’s a new year’s resolution or anything, but because i just like the promise of a new year and get my stuff in order, i’m going to at least post once a week about the meaning of life. hehehe. yep, let’s drink to that. i hold the secrets you are looking for. i know why the caged bird sings. if you’re nice to me i’ll tell you. even if you aren’t nice, i’ll tell you. i’m cool like that.