Christian Bale likes the powerpuff girls!

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i’m a snowboarder!

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each year i choose three things to learn and three things to try. this year i’ve been a little lax in completing my list but i’m happy to report that a major thing was checked off the list this past weekend. i went snowboarding for the first time and i’m officially hooked! snowboarding is beyond fun and i can’t wait to get back on the slopes to go for it again. i’m not a rock star by any means but it came way more naturally than i expected. i did grow tired of all the kids who knew what they were doing because they kept showing off. and then the kids that were out there for the first time or too young to maneuver in the snow were working my nerves! but alas, i fully plan to have my bambinos out there as soon as they are old enough once the time comes. snowboarding rocks my world!

earning your geek pass

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i don’t hesitate to call myself a geek because i know who i am. but not everyone wants to fly their geek flag with pride. i have to say i’m not a fan of the closet geeks out there. embrace your geek. for those who aren’t sure if they quite qualify for a certified geek pass, i’ve found this simple quiz. if you know the references, you’re a geek. and ain’t nothing wrong with it! (This is not my list. I got it from here. Thanks Tech Tips)

  1. You’d rather communicate with people via e-mail, text messaging, instant message, or Twitter, then face to face, because “it’s just easier that way.”
  2. War gamesIf you’ve ever used “Joshua” as a password and thought you were being clever.
  3. 16GB flash drive “just doesn’t hold enough.”
  4. You buy a gadget just for the thrill of hacking it.
  5. You say phrases like “Make it so!” and “These aren’t the droids
    you’re looking for”, when you talk to people.
  6. You write “text” in blocks of “140 Characters.”
  7. You have an LCD monitor 20″ or greater, or a multiple monitor setup.
  8. textYou do arithmetic in computer language (i.e. binary, ASCII) to impress friends, family and acquaintances.
  9. You have more friends in the ‘virtual world’ than in real life!
  10. SpockYou wear T-shirts with Star Wars, Stark Trek or any computer-related visuals on them
  11. You have a computer server at home… which has a name… in the basement… of your parents’ house…..which is called your “Command Center” or NORAD (after watching WarGames)… extra Geek points if your home server is named: W.O.P.R. or HAL.
  12. You have a junkyard full of extra computer parts in your garage.
  13. You built your own PC and giggle when people tell you they have a Dell or HP computer.
  14. Your PC has 4GB of RAM OR MORE…
  15. blueYou’re proud of your own built PC that’s so powerful it rivals IBM’s Blue Gene Supercomputer.
  16. You carry a USB flash drive in your pocket regardless of where you go.
  17. When you’re bored you take apart your desktop, laptop, television, DVD, DVR or cable box for fun.
  18. Friends, family and family friends’ friends, call
    you asking for computer help.
  19. klingonYou are fluent in the Klingon language.
  20. You have a cable internet connection but would like a T-1 line if
    it was reasonably affordable.
  21. You give your servers little pet names ex: Maximus or WOPR.
  22. You know that W.O.P.R. doesn’t refer to just a hamburger
  23. Red Bulls and frozen dinners are a daily part of your diet.
  24. When you yell at your radio whenever a “Computer Show” airs because you think the host is an idiot…
  25. You listen to the idiot anyway…
  26. warcraftWorld of Warcraft is constantly on your to-do list.
  27. You have four (or more) computers at your house, and it “just isn’t enough.”
  28. You know that Debian, Ubuntu and Mandrake are just funny kids names.
  29. You actually name your kids Debian, Ubuntu or Mandrake.
  30. You’ve ever used “12345” as a password and thought you were being clever.
  31. No matter how fast your computer turns on, it still isn’t “fast enough”… even if it is just waking up from a sleep mode.
  32. You passionately argue the virtues of (pick ’em): Windows vs. Apple vs. Linux / ATI vs. nVidia / AMD vs. Intel / LCD vs. Plasma / Star Wars vs. Star Trek vs. / Comics vs. Graphic Novels / HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray / USB vs. Firewire / Jobs vs. Gates / etc. etc…
  33. You loathe people who buy iPods, iPhones, or iTouches just because they are the hip things to own.
  34. You secretly covet having an iPod, iPhone, or iTouch – but are too embarrassed to own one because of what your geek friends would think.
  35. Your family calls you to fix their computers… so do your non-geek friends (or friend)…  so do strangers…
  36. You have major farmer’s tan!
  37. You own five or more useless gadgets that run off your USB ports.
  38. Yourlaptop” with its massive 20-inch screen weighs more then your “desktop computer.”
  39. You’ve gotten this far READING THIS LIST!

i know how to make my dreams come true

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there is a popular quote you might have heard that goes a little something like this, those who can, do …. i won’t finish because i vehemently disagree with the second half of the quote. and basically it’s unimportant. the point is that if you can, you do. if you can’t, you don’t. but how true is it?

right now i’m eager to make a few things happen in my life. and i keep hearing if you put it out there, it will come back to you. as if somehow me just wanting something to happen is going to make “the universe” conspire with me to make it happen. sounds a little too hocus pocus when you put it that way. but i believe there is some truth to it.

i am a christian. i don’t apologize for it and i don’t care to argue with anyone who disagrees with my belief that jesus christ is the son of God and the savior of the world. (yes superman totally ripped jesus’ persona off, but i love him anyway!) as a christian i believe that my words are life giving and when i speak a thing, that word goes out and is accomplished. but there must be action on my part beyond speaking what i want. i have to do something to make it happen.

so as i think about the changes i want to see in my life, i make a plan to make my dreams come true. i know that it requires me to meet people and learn things and attend events and WORK! the universe doesn’t care if i’m happy or unhappy. i have to make my own happiness. i have to go out and make my dreams come true. and the more i put it out there and back it up with action, the more likely it is to happen.

that is not to say things will always work out the way you want them to. on the contrary, a lot of things in my life have had completely different end results than i predicted. like me being single at 32! but that is the great thing about life. your story is being written until you take your last breath. and if you’re lucky and lived right, your story is being told long after you’re gone.

the year is quickly drawing to a close and i have to say there are some key steps i need to take to make my dream of advancing my career now a reality. i will be spending the next few weeks on the grind, so to speak, until i see the fruits of my labor. i’ll be honest, i do know how to make my dreams come true, and right now, i’m about to get busy so you can see it happen!

Mount Rainier sunrise

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Mount Rainier sunrise, originally uploaded by Puget Sound Energy.

today is my birthday and my wish list was pretty short. i wanted to have a little bit of sunshine and a wonderful evening with my special friend. the day is only half gone but i have to say the sunrise this morning was completely breath taking. took bad the sun disappeared after making such a grand entrance. i guess we have to take what we can get when we live in the pacific northwest. happy birthday to me!

what if snoop dogg and ll cool j played halo

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<div style=”text-align:left;font-size:x-small;margin-top:0;width:512px;”><a href=”; title=”from Halo: Reach, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, and Zachary Levi”>Snoop Dogg vs LL Cool J: The Ultimate Halo Smack Down </a> from <a href=””>LL Cool J</a></div>

what if disney princesses were superheroes?

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it’s not farfetched to imagine your favorite disney princess as a superhero. afterall, it’s a far cry from the damsel in distress that disney seems to prefer it’s young women to be. thank goodness someone had the sense to reimagine these beauties as supers and i have to say i likey!

taken from blastr:

An artist by the name of Kreugan had a “random whim” at 2 a.m. the other night and decided to turn some of Disney’s most iconic princesses into superheroes. They have become so popular so quickly that Kreugan has already had to disable the comments on his her site because he she can no longer keep up with them!

While he’s she’s surprised that his her “Disney Heroes” have become an overnight sensation, we’re not. These are wonderful. Check out his her site for more of his her art, but don’t expect other Disney stuff … he she almost never draws Disney fan art and has no plans to do any more.